California means different things to different people. A land of freedom, entrepreneurship, and exploration, a place that supports the idea of the American Dream.

We named our company CStreet Ventures – in homage to the American Dream. C(alifornia)Street: the crossroads where technology and nature come together in an increasingly human centered economy.

CStreet Ventures is a small group of investors that support business founders.

We seek out those who actively design products and systems that improve the lives of others and who are committed to using the pain of the startup experience to improve. We help business pioneers focus on their passion by forging strong relationships with them, supporting their projects with investments - not only of hard currency - but with business chops, expert resources, and life experience to establish a successful enterprise.

CStreet Ventures: We invest in commitment

We believe that the future belongs to those whose personal commitments manifest in products that solve problems, whether it’s robotics that streamline consumers’ experiences, agricultural practices that help the planet heal, or personalized medicine which allows individuals to take control of their health.